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How 48 Hours Changed My Life (Twice)

I contemplated how I wanted to present this in my blog over the last few days. I started this post about three days ago and was nervous at how the reactions would be. I am human, just like everyone else. Sometimes you have to just go out and say or do things that you know will ultimately benefit you in the end. Make moves, and things will happen that you desire when you wake up each and every morning.

Almost exactly one week after my life had been changed for the first time, I have reflected back upon what all has happened and all I can say is - Wow, I am exhausted. I didn't get some things done that I usually accomplish during each week, but that is all on me. There is always now, tomorrow, and this next big week ahead. From becoming engaged to my now Fiance, Katlyn; and participating in a 7-hour powerlifting meet, I literally have had my life changed in less than 48 hours. The two events that happened last weekend were great milestones in my young life. From these two events, I am not looking back at what I have done and regretting or wishing I would have done things differently. Now is the time to reflect on what has happened and how I can make the future play into my favor. Obviously, in life, we can't control a lot of our surroundings, but we can damn well do our best to make sure we at least set ourselves up for success.

Another Wake-up Call

She has done it yet once again. My now Fiance, Katlyn, she has changed my life more than a couple times. She literally took a guy who was going into his senior year with the most open mind you could have bargained for. She took that individual (me) and lead him in the direction that would not only change my life but both of our lives. Monmouth College not only gave me an opportunity to earn an education, but the people I was able to meet really gave me the opportunities I was able to take advantage of. Before my senior move-in day, I finally met a girl I had seen previously with other close friends via Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and all of the other popular social media avenues. Little did I know, we both would be engaged two and one-half years later. Pretty crazy. Want to know how it started? Well, first it was a Snapchat. Weird, I know. Really, this was the first thing I said,

"Hey, how about you carry my clothes up to my room?"

She must have thought, is this kid really serious? Intelligently, she said no. Who was I to think that I was the big man on campus? Truthfully, I was just kidding and trying to make small talk. But little did she know, she would be standing in the exact same spot two and one-half years later answering, Yes, to "Will You Marry Me?".

In the previous years, Katlyn has kept me on track to keep doing what I love. I don't want to be an average personal trainer. I want to be one of the best. Because, why not? If I can create the best version of myself, I know great things can happen. The long days of driving back and forth to Peoria when I first started working before I graduated was really tough. I knew I could not have done it on my own.

The Next 24 Hours

One of my true passions of exercise is to lift very heavy. I absolutely love squatting, benching, and deadlifting heavy. Let's face it, I'm a meathead at heart. The adrenaline rush is next to none and you feel like you can conquer anything. Leading up to this milestone in my life, the previous 41 days was something that I had put my body through before. But this time, it was a little different. This time around, I had a purpose for dropping twenty-three total pounds. I wanted to compete in the World United Amateur Powerlifting Winter Open at a bodyweight of 165 lb. The reasons for that is because I want to break some records that have been previously set. The two weeks leading up to weigh-ins, I thought I was going to make it with no problem. Little did I know how hard it was actually going to be. I missed the weigh-in limit by nine-tenths of a pound. 9/10ths! I almost shed a tear, (really). So, I weighed in at 166 lb and had to bump up to the 181 lb weight class. Oh well, I had to get over it i guess.

The sole purpose of this side by side is to show what 41-days can do when you are consistent with exercise and nutrition. I don't care if you are looking to cut weight for a powerlifting meet or not. The fact that you can make some huge changes with your body is right here. My nutrition was damn near perfect and my training had no excuses.

Truthfully, this shows that you too can make damn good changes when you track properly (photos) and be consistent with food and activity. Set a goal and go out and absolutely crush it. I just missed the 165 lb weight class (this time). By the looks of the photos, I am a bit happier when I drink Budweiser and have pizza more than four times in a 41-day period. Come June, we will see how 165 lb and new personal records can be even more motivation for the future. The combination of intermittent fasting and my personal PT x PT programming is what I use to cut weight and gain strength. This stuff works.

After refueling and recovering from my engagement just the night before, I was ready to rock and roll. Don't let things in life like that fool you. I was exhausted from the planning let alone being dehydrated all of Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, my opening squat was a load I had previously crushed in training, I barely completed the attempt. Then I bombed the second two attempts at 435 lb. I was crushed. My goal for squat was 450 lb and then some for the day. But with the help of some individuals far and near, I was able to keep my head on straight and crush the next lift, the bench press. I went three for three on the bench press and finished with a final successful attempt of roughly 280 lbs. Great, I smoked my bench press and built up my confidence for the deadlifts. - I wanted 500lbs, I did 501. Boom.

With the deadlifts, I was focused, I was fresh, and I was hungry. I started the day off slow and was on the rise. All I had to do was simply pick up the weight sitting just 24 inches below my waist. I was ready. My first two attempts, I smoked them. Boy, I crushed my opener and that gave me the confidence. After putting my final attempt in for 501lbs, the next four to five minutes felt like an eternity, I was ready but the time wasn't. No worries, but needless to say, I went out and crushed my first ever 3x bodyweight successful deadlift. I was able to cap 48 hours off by being engaged to my lovely fiance, winning the 181 lb mens open class, and deadlifting three times my body weight. What a great weekend- it was life changing.

Motivation Forever

How the hell could I not be motivated after last weekend? I mean I only made a commitment to spend the rest of my life with someone while proving to myself that I am a hell of a lot stronger at a lean 166-pound frame.

However, I was nervous and scared. I was nervous in a good way. I realized that I set myself up for success. But the questions had risen; what if I can't pay off the ring? what if I get injured and have unexpected bills that require me to pay for them rather than my currents bills? I would look like a damn fool. In reality, it is simple my friends.

Put yourself in situations that you have to work so damn hard that you keep moving in the direction you want to see you and/or your family progress towards. You must put yourself in uncomfortable positions to earn the vision you want to see yourself achieve in the human state. Sometimes staying up past midnight is what you will have to do. Sometimes you will have to skip hangning out with friends. Sometimes you may have to watch your nutrition. But why should you settle? Screw dreaming and wishing for success upon in your life, make your own success and live your dreams. Go out and do what you envision yourself doing. It is up to you to make the decision. Find the people that will help you along the way (just ask). The success of individuals is often brought from what is not seen. It is what happens when no one is looking when success is earned. Earned, not given.

The love for my fiance is unparalled with any other aspect of my life. The combination of her being and our little wiener dog is what drives me each and every day. When I wake up, I have two very important people I kiss and say, 'see you later'. I know that I am working for more than just myself. Even more, I also know my work provides not for just my family, but others as well. I know that what I do every day is something that can be life changing for more people than I can count on my fingers and toes.

If you are a client of mine, you darn well know I need all the toes and fingers possible to keep track of numbers.

I am able to stay motivated by creating action-oriented goals and reflecting on what I do every day. I am always looking back a day and ahead, at least, one day. Living in the present is average and stressful. When it comes to action-oriented goals, you must write your goals down in multiple places. That way, you will see them more often than not. There are four different places that I see my year goals throughout the weeks and months. If you put something in writing, you are going to go after those goals and earn the success that you desire. Look back and reflecting on what you previous have done is key to successful outcome goals. You must ask yourself questions about how you can improve yourself in what you have done. However, I also don't forget on what went well the previous 24 hours of action. I have many people I see every week who motivate the hell out of me. When reflecting on the positives from the previous day, I think about how those positives can keep progressing and what can happen if the drive stays there. Not just for myself, but the ones that surround me.

It is time to stop with the if's, but's, can't, tomorrow's, next week, when I feel better, or the when I have time. Excuses are annoying. Take the extra step that is out of your comfort zone and let your body and mind develop into positivity you wish you would have done weeks, months, and even years ago. Do something that will require you to have that motivation that does not have a pause or stop button. Do something that will require you to have motivation for the rest of your long happy life. You Deserve It.

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