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Personal Training by Patrick Thompson (PT x PT)

Let's not make this a lame ole introduction like any other fitness site promising a change in 21 days, sound good? Okay, great.

Patrick Thompson and Pat Clark

Hi, my name is Patrick Thompson, I like to lift weights and help others feel pretty dang good about their health and fitness. 

How PT x PT works 
Please contact Patrick via email or phone. From there, we will get your consultation scheduled. He will be happy to guide you in the training service that works best for you. 
What to expect from PT x PT
No matter the which expert service you decide to partake in, you will be motivated day in and day out, to keep up with proper exercise and nutrition.

I am the Head Personal Trainer and Exercise Physiologist at Anytime Fitness Peoria (AFP), in Illinois. While at AFP, I strive to ensure individuals are receiving some of the best coaching services in the greater Peoria area. I say some of the best because there are some pretty awesome

Ever since I was 15 years old, growing up in a small rural community, I wanted to do something big. From a young age, I knew I wanted to make an impact in the health and fitness industry. During my high school years, I knew I wanted to be a personal trainer because I knew a lot about exercise and I loved lifting weights. However, when I graduated Monmouth College in 2014, I started working full time at Anytime Fitness Peoria. From my first few clients, I knew I wasn't here because I knew a lot about exercise. I realized that I was put in this position because I was put on this planet to assist people in changing their own lives in a positive way. Whether I am able to change one or hundreds of lives, I work day in, day out; to help others feel healthy and confident about their daily lives. Not only do I preach healthy exercise and nutrition, I practice what I preach. From competing in strongman and powerlifting competitions, I have also participated in many 5k's up to a half marathon. 


Being a Monmouth College alum, I took my knowledge opportunities and made the best of them. Going from being someone who was late to his ACT, to earning employee of the year for Anytime Fitness North Peoria (2014 & 2015), I have learned what it takes to achieve daily life and fitness goals. If I can at the very least, help you reach one life or fitness milestone, I know I have made a positive impact in your life. I enjoy helping people and if you are seeking some guidance or recommendations, you came to the right place.

Gorilla Pit
Never Been Stronger Supplements Protein Pre Workout
Anytime Fitness
Patrick Thompson

coaches in the Peoria area. Aside from Anytime Fitness Peoria, I am fortunate to train, learn, and compete along side some of the best coaches in the Midwest. Being a part of Team Franklin has helped bring back the old school ways I used to train back in college. Knowing how the body works and what methods of training will do what, that is really cool. 


I'll be up front, I am a 'millennial'; that will work my tail off, day-in, day out. I have been able to personal train many successful entrepreneurs and business professionals over the last few years. I know that I may be young but you will find that training with me is far more than going through the motions. While growing up in a small town and being a Monmouth College alum, I have a vision of offering the best fitness coaching services to a large number of individuals. PT x PT is a premier personal training service for any individual. PT x PT is a go-to source for online and in-person exercise expertise and motivation to help you exceed your health and fitness goals.

Online Certified Trainer
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Proudly Featured In

Peoria Life Fit
Anytime Fitness

Achievements & Honors


  • 2016 and 2019 Best of the Best Journal Star Media - Best Personal Trainer

  • 2016-2019 Nominee for Best of the Best Peoria Journal Star - Best Personal Trainer


  • Anytime Fitness Corporate Virtual Testing Group


  • Monmouth College Exercise Science Graduate 14'


  • Monmouth College Kinesiology Society 14'

  • Certified Online Coach (OTC)


  • National Strength & Conditioning Association - Certified Special Population Specialist (CSPS)


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