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I travel constantly for my job. Although I love working out and was a regular in the hotel gyms - and my gym in Peoria - my weight just kept climbing. I finally decided that enough was enough. I joined a new gym and decided that I would try working out with a trainer. Working out with Patrick was exactly what I needed. His involvement in my health and fitness isn’t limited to the 30 minute, weekly sessions we have at the gym. He constantly challenges me in our personal training sessions, but more importantly he’s given me equally challenging – and constantly changing - workouts to do on my own when I’m traveling. We also constantly discuss my nutrition and I’ve completely changed the way I look at the foods I eat. To date, I’ve lost 70 pounds, run multiple 5Ks, placed 3rd in my class in a 4 mile race, bought a whole new wardrobe, and actually wore a bikini in public for the first time…ever.  These are all things I never thought I’d do. Thanks, Patrick, for changing my life and helping me become the best me I can be!

Summer 14' & Current

"I laughed when he suggested me running, ARE YOU SERIOUS, I thought?  I’ve since completed 2 5K’s and signed up for two additional ones.." - Jamelle

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