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The Benefits of Vegan Protein

The long wait is finally over the new Never Been Stronger Advanced Vegan Protein Formula is now available. Otherwise known as 'plant based protein'.

The #1 Question

Why would someone want to consume a plant based protein?

Plant-based proteins are much easier to digest after consumption. This type of protein reduces the risk of gut inflammation. Some people may experience bloating from a dairy based protein, plant protein will not leave the you feeling bloated.

Vegan protein powders have many unexpected benefits along with the extra nutrients to help your muscles recover after tearing them down with exercise. It has been shown to reduce soreness but fighting inflammation and pain.

Now, if you are someone who is not Vegan, that is totally okay. You can still consume animal based protein powders. However, Vegan protein powder gives more variety of the types of protein you consume. Most diets consist mainly of meat protein, however, variety is good for our bodies to obtain all the nutrients that it needs.

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