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Warm Ups

By the time most of us by the time we get ready to workout we want to start and get it over with. Warming up seems like a waste of time when we can just get started on the main part. However, there are many reasons why warming up might be the MOST critical part of a workout.

A warm up is designed to elevate muscle temperature and increase the blood flow in your muscles. Warming up may reduce the risk of muscle and tendon injuries because they are ready to be challenged and stressed. This routine will also protect your heart and reduce strain put on it during exercise.

The warm up should be around 5 to 15 minutes long before you begin your actual workout. The exercises should be low intensity that targets the entire body. The movements need to also resemble the workout you are about to complete.

The below example warm-up routine is simply an example for lower body and core activation. This warm-up will help most people "warm-up". However, sometimes individuals need more attention to detail if they have any sort of limitations or areas that need some TLC (Tender Love & Care) ❤️ .

Check out this lower body warm-up:

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