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Hit the Gym or the Couch?

“No Days Off”

This is a long time quote in the fitness world. However, it may not actually be all that accurate for the best results and an overall healthy lifestyle.

Better recovery can increase the volume and intensity of your next workout. Overtraining is a very common consequence of not letting your body get the rest that it needs. Our bodies can only go go go for so long. Taking rest days will allow them to build up the muscles that were broken down during your workout, replenish energy stores, and help you avoid mental fatigue.

Benefits of Taking a Rest Day

1. Avoid Burn Out

No one likes to put their body or mind through tough situations every single day.

2. Replenish Energy Stores

This will help you avoid depleting all of your glycogen levels and go into using protein for energy.

3. Allows your Body to Repair Tissues for your Muscles to Grow

If you are putting your body's neuromuscular, muscular, and cardiovascular system in a stressed state on a daily basis, you cannot recover enough. No one is Superman.

4. Help your Muscles Remove Metabolic Byproducts

This will help with the soreness that you feel after a hard workout. The body delivers oxygen and nutrients to your muscles while removing metabolic byproducts that build up.

Read EVEN MORE about why you need a rest day



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