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How To Create A Healthy Lunch

When it comes to planning out a proper way to prepare your lunch for a day, it may be a challenge. In this video, I explain how you can prepare lunches for each day of your work week. It is super easy and shouldn't have to be stressful. Plan one day of the week that you go to the store and stick with it. Typically, my girlfriend Katlyn and I plan every Sunday to go to the store. We don't get enough for more than one week. If you purchase food for more than one week at a time, you are going to waste a lot of food and money. Sure you have to make a trip to the store each week, but you are going to save money.

So with that being said, I tell you what I buy at the store and how I prepare my lunches for each weekday. Sometimes this applies to my weekend as well. Just watch the video below.

Here is everything laid out for you -

  • Starkist Tuna Creations - Purchase 6 each week. Price ranges from $1.50 to $2.00. Somtimes I will purchase more if they have a 10 for $10

  • Carbmaster Yogurt - Purchase 10 each week. Typically, Kroger stores have specials of 10 for $4 or sometimes even $3.

  • Musclepharm Combat Protein Powder - 1 scoop per day. One tub cost $45 and will last nearly two months.

  • Cranberry and Nut Mix & Sea Salt and Vinegar Almonds - $12 for both. This lasts 2 weeks.

  • Apples - Purchase 1 bag for about $3 per pound. Price depends on this one. Let's call it $6 for the week.

  • Cutie Orange - 1 bag for ~ $3. Again, price depends on this one. These are good for at least one week.

  • Carrots - 1 bag for no more than $3. Let's call it a max of $3. This is good for one week.

  • Meal Bar - This is optional. This should not cost more than $1 per bar or $5 per every 5 days. The price depends on what bar you decide to purchase.

  • Multi-vitamin and Fish Oil - This is completley optional. For two months worth, I spent $46. That is not bad at all.

  • Pre-workout - Again, this is optional. For 1 month of pre-workout I spent $20.

Total cost for 1 week of lunches ~ $38, which is rounding UP.

Total cost for 5 days of lunches ~ $7.60. That is super cheap.

Go out to eat and see how much that costs you. Remember, you must add the time and gas that it cost for your weekly workday as well.

Eating a healthy lunch should not have to be hard for you. It is easy to save money and calories if you find what works for you. If you don't like some of things or do not like eating 'healthy foods', it is time to stop being picky. Our parents encouraged us as adolecents to eat our vegetables for a reason.

I could talk about the calorie intake of what is outlined above but I am not going to. For a few reasons -

  1. The foods I have laid out are primarily fruits, vegetables, and lean meat.

  2. These foods can be found on the outside aisle of the grocery store. The areas that should be shopped.

  3. A meal that is outlined above will make you feel satisfied and full. This is because you are eating so many different options that your brain is viewing all of the items as 'Look how much I get to eat!'.

Check out the previous blog post on how my results were from following this lunch set-up for the last three to four weeks.

Crush you day,

- PT

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