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Five Non-scale Motivators

When it comes to searching for motivation, you must look much further than just the scale. The accomplishments that you can achieve through exercise are almost endless. Check out these five non-scale motives that will keep you going without stressing over a number.


When you start exercising, whether that is with aerobic or resistance training, you are strengthening your body far more than you realize. Just a few minutes of moderate to vigorous activity per week will help you become stronger and more energized.


With short bouts of exercise, you will notice that you will have more energy. I have a friend who recently lifted for the first time in over two years. He stated that he woke up the next morning with more energy.


With more energy, that is going to be partly from that you are sleeping better. When you can release physical and mental stressors from exercise, your mind will allow you to fall into a deeper sleep throughout each night. No matter what time of the day you exercise, you will end up having a better nights rest.


More energy and sleep will then allow your brain to focus on tasks, rather than evade what needs to be done during your day. Studies have shown that individuals who have ADD or ADHD were able to focus better on daily tasks from the more frequent bouts of exercise.


Now that you are more focused on what is important or a necessity to your health, you are going to make better choices. Whether that is more vegetables, fruits, or water; you are bound to make better health choices throughout your days and weeks ahead.

Next time you refer back to the scale, I want you to think about what you did over yesterday, last week, and over the last month. If you have been able to lift more weights, have more energy, rest better at night, see more clear and make smart choices; you are doing the right things for your health and fitness. I ask you, please don't put your concerns on what the scale reads. That may cause unnesscessary stress upon your body and mind. Think about the actions that have occured over the last month or more. Not the number by your feet.


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