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How To Turn Your Excuses Into Positive Exercise Success

By this point in the year, if you don't currently exercise and know you need to, you probably have thought about how you can improve your health and fitness. Sign-up for a gym membership, the obvious. However, I don't want you to just go sign up with your community gym and use the facility for the next 4 weeks while gradually fading away from there. I want you to actually use the facility you belong to.

I know life happens and things come up. Let's not find ourselves making excuses this new year. It is time to step up to the plate and keep fouling away until you get that base hit or even the homerun. Nothing happens overnight, so I encourage you not to give up. What you work for consistently will pay off. If you have found yourself wanting to take a break while coming up with excuses, take a deep breath and relax a moment. If you have been caught stating the following, I want to tell you how you can overcome these obstacles.

But's, I dont's, and some other excuses in the book.

1. I don't have time.

You do have time. Make time. Eight hours of sleep per night is overrated. Your body will adapt to what you allow yourself to do. If you feel like you don't have time, you are probably doing too much and there is a good amount of your time is being wasted by stress and hormonal imbalances. Make time for your healthy self. Also, you don't need to exercise every single day.

2. I don't know what I am doing except the treadmill.

This is where a trainer or coach comes into play. Purchase a small package of personal training sessions from a qualified coach and learn some things. The excuse of doing what you used to do with your buddies in school will only get you so far. Seriously, hire a coach to help you get started and not just reach your fitness goals, freaking crush them.

3. My job requires me to travel.

In reality, this should allow you to exercise more. It boils down to what you do when you are away from home. Do you sit at the hotel bar or are you constructive with your time? Figure out how much down time you have and squeeze in a workout. Sometimes the best tool for exercise is your own bodyweight. Here is a quick bodyweight workout -

a1. Bodyweight Squats x 10

a2. Plank x 30 seconds

a3. Reverse Lunges x 5 / leg

a4. Supermans x 30 seconds

- Repeat as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes. Boom!

4. I became injured or ill.

Shoot! I can't move because my doctor said to minimize the movement of this and this..come on now! If a certain body part or you feel like you are on the mend, it doesn't mean your whole body is not capable of going for a walk. Don't limit yourself on what you are capable of doing. Research shows that if you exercise while injured or ill, you will heal faster

5. I don't have the money.

Now, this is a subject that can be touchy at times. Let's be honest, no one likes to talk money. However, you can still exercise at home or outside, for FREE. Your body is the one thing you own 100% and no one else can ever tell you otherwise. So make the most out of your body and use it to be healthy for yourself. If you need assistance in exercise while at home, let's talk.

6. The gym isn't open when I want to exercise.

I can go back to bodyweight exercise, but you now know that you can exercise anywhere anytime with your own body. However, there are gyms out there such as Anytime Fitness that are open 24/7. This franchise is growing rapidly and now there are over 3,000 locations worldwide.

So now what? What should you do next?

The first thing you should do is find a support system. Your local gym is a great place to find support. Even better, hiring a personal trainer is a great way to start a support system. A personal trainer who you can meet with virtually or in person is a great way to find support. The one on one contact will be great. Even better, you will find yourself meeting new people with similar goals alike. Exercise should not be difficult for you to do. That is why I am here, lets talk. If you live in Peoria and need to get to a healthy place, I have the gym for you. If you live outside of Peoria and think you can't train with a trainer at your gym, you can now. Personal Training by Patrick Thompson is available worldwide for as low as six dollars per month. Let's start exercising the correct way for your goals and start 2016 the right way.

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