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PTfit Daily - Burn Body Fat With These Two Controllable Factors

Burning body fat and building muscle at the same time is something a lot of people struggle to do. With these two controllable aspects to increase your human growth hormone levels (HGH), you can do both.


You must sleep. Your human growth hormone levels are at their peak in your deepest sleep cycles. So, when your mom used to tell you to get to bed early, she was unknowingly saying, 'get to sleep so you can produce HGH and feel damn good'.

Patrick, What the heck is HGH?

Defined by Merriam-Webster as: 'the naturally occurring growth hormone of humans or a genetically engineered form that is used to treat children with growth hormone deficiencies and has been used especially by athletes to increase muscle mass.'

In short: HGH builds muscle and decreases body fat.

Patrick, How much sleep should I get?

Answer: No less than 6 hours and no more than 7.5. I base this off of REM sleep cycle patterns.


I love this part, mainly because I don't like to sleep. I am weird, I know.

There are so many avenues of exercise you can do to affect your HGH levels. However, to reap the max benefits of HGH output through exercise, you will want to perform fasted weight training. That is weight training first thing in the morning. Since your HGH levels are so high in the morning, you are able to ignite the usage of your muscles while burning the most fat possible.

This works, trust me. I don't currently train first thing in the morning. Yet when I did, I was the leanest version of myself that I can remember. It was pretty fun.

-- Like uncut true video? Watch the video below

Enjoy your festivities today and cheers to the USA.

- PT

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