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Three Positive Outcomes From a Lifestyle Change

Have you ever made a small or major change in your daily regime and seen your life improve in some way? Many people have tried to make changes in their lives but they do not get the right amount of support and just give up. Why not go a little further and try finding someone who knows how to help you mentally and physically? No matter how much someone says they are satisfied with how their life is, it is not true. Someone who is successful finds more ways to become even more successful by either doing research, hanging out with successful people or just being hungry for more success.

I made a permanent change in my life to not only benefit myself physically, but personally as well. Three things have been improved in my life since I made that permanent decision. My lifestyle, being open minded, and the way I overcome obstacles.

A change in lifestyle is probably the most common change when one starts working out. Once I started working out, I felt a mental relief knowing that I was doing myself a good deed. I would go to sleep content with the fact that I did more than the person who sat on the couch all day. Of course I was not in the physical form of relief but I knew that it would take time and I had all the time in the world.

The second most important change is that I was very open minded. Being open minded is a must because even if you think you know what you are doing, a slight twist in the wrist or a slight tuck in the elbows could really effect you lifts. For example, the other day I was doing some sets on the incline bench press with a set of dumbbells and I always felt an uncomfortable tension in my shoulders. One of the personal trainers at IVB helped me fix that problem by telling me that the problem was because my elbows were not tucked when they should have been. I could have easily ignored everything he told me and just kept using my old form, but why would I do that if it would not help me in the future? I took his advice and used it to my own benefit.

“A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it is not open.”Frank Zappa

Finally the last major change was that I was able to overcome obstacles a lot smoother and more efficiently. Not only have I become physically stronger, but I have also became mentally stronger. I used to let small obstacles stop me from pursuing my dreams. I let a job stop me from what I loved to do. I thought I did not have enough time in the day to lift, but in reality I just didn't want it as bad as I thought I did.

My most recent obstacle I overcame was the biggest one I overcame so far. My car broke down and I wasn’t able to go train anymore so I had to find a way of transportation. My gym was 2.3 miles away. I thought to myself that if instead of wasting gym time to do cardio, why not make my trip my cardio. So I bought a mountain bike and biked to the gym for a week and a half until they fixed my car. Some say it was ridiculous for buying a bike and that I could have waited it out until I got my car. Those people obviously don’t know what pursuing a dream is like. Those people don’t have the same mindset as I did. Many people pray to be kept out of unexpected problems. Some people pray to be able to face and overcome their problems. Which one are you?

More about Jose Miranda

Jose is a recent graduate of Monmouth-Roseville High School. He is an online client with PT x PT and a member of Iron Valley Barbell in Indianapolis, Indiana. Since moving from Monmouth, Illinois to Indiana, Jose pursuing his dream of becoming an Electrician from Lincoln Tech.

Jose also likes to send some crazy Snapchats - add him: miranda_jose007

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