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How to Make a Positive Change to Your Health in Just One Minute

It is almost the end of April, and with the seasons taking a positive change, make the right steps towards moving your body and getting some exercise. It is now warm enough to walk outside and get some fresh air. With the simple exercises below, take them from this blog post and get your blood flowing this spring. This summer is going to be the best yet, so dust off the cobwebs and start increasing your joint mobility and energy output. Heck, you might even lose some unwanted winter body weight.

With this Couch to Circuit Trainer, you will notice that your heart rate becomes elevated and you start to become breathless. This is great because you are burning off some extra energy. When you start elevating your heart rate by taking part in exercise, your body adapts quite rapidly. You will start to feel better and notice more energy in seven days or less.


Forward & Backward Arm Circles - 10 to 20 per direction

This exercise is going to workout your shoulder muscles and loosen up the shoulder joint. By increasing your range of motion, you may begin to notice less stress in your upper back and neck. With added mobility of the shoulder, performing simple tasks such as reaching behind your car seat and picking up your purse will become noticeably easier.

Trainer Tip: Development of the rotator cuff will help you with daily issues that may be nagging you each day. Make everyday tasks easier by doing this exercise daily. Check out the video below.

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Take The Stairs - 1 to 10 Minute Intervals

One of the best machines that most have in their own home or apartment. You may also have a platform you can step up on (such as a small step). While using your body from toe to head in this movement, you will increase your heart rate just after thirty seconds. This exercise will increase range of motion in the hip joints, increase strength in the lower body, and increase your balance for single leg activities. Activities like this will make the day your elevator at work is broken an easy alternative. If you don't have a staircase or step, you can perform High Knees.

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Get Up! - 10 Reps

You are probably reading this while sitting down. Get up! See? That wasn't so bad after all. If you practice this often, your lower body will get stronger. As well as your core. Drive through your heels while standing up and keep the nose over the toes. Practice this exercise enough and you will find yourself playing catcher for your son or daughter's fastball this summer.

Open The Door - 10 Reps Per Arm

While simply opening a door in your home, you can make your back noticeably stronger. For shoulder health, this exercise can go a long way. When you go to open a door next, focus on the muscles doing this movement, we can assure that you feel the muscles in your arms and upper back working.

Wall Push-ups - 10 to 20 Reps

Find a sturdy wall and use your chest, shoulder, and arm muscles to push yourself back away from the wall. This exercise will be great for those who are looking to work their way (or down) to regular push-ups. Also, you can use a garage door or something lower for this efficient and effective exercise.

In this video, you see Shelby performing incline push-ups on the back side of a leg press.

No, that wasn't a grunt.

Park Far Away - As Far As Possible!

Walking is one of the best modes of exercise that you can do. For some, this is challenging, we get it. However, if you park further away at the grocery store, you will increase your step total for the day. With an increase in steps, you will burn more calories. It may not seem a lot just one time. We can assure you, if you do that everyday for a year, you will benefit from this!


Now that you have some great exercises for your Couch to Circuit Trainer, you should see some great improvements within the next seven days, no doubt about it.

We challenge you to write down ONE exercise and ONE nutrition goal for this week. If you can meet both of those goals, you will be well on your way in progressing towards your health and fitness goals.

Pro Tip: Make a 4-week calendar and write in one exercise and one nutrition goal for each week of that calendar. If you start seeing positive check off of those goals, your motivation will skyrocket.

Couch to Circuit Trainer

Forward & Backward Arm Circles - 10 to 20 per direction

Take The Stairs - 1 to 10 Minute Intervals

Get Up! - 10 Reps

Open The Door - 10 Reps Per Arm

Wall Push-ups - 10 to 20 Reps

Park Far Away - As Far As Possible!

Repeat For Life


Do all these exercises just three times per week and you will see that your daily living becomes easier than it was before. If you are able to do at least one of these modes of exercises everyday, fist bump! If you already exercise regularly, share this blog post with someone who might benefit from the exercises mentioned above. It has been known, one simple tip can go a long way.

This blog post was in conjunction with Shelby LeBoeuf. Shelby is a coach at Anytime Fitness Peoria. He strives to ensure that individuals receive health and fitness guidance that isn't just preached, it it is also practiced by himself. He has been in your shoes before, let him help you today. Check out his Facebook page and give him a 'Like'.

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