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Nutrition On the Go

A lot of people live their lives on the go most of the time. We are all very busy and have a lot to get done. This can make it a lot harder to put our health first. With the busyness of life our health becomes even more important! These are just 2 of my favorite tips to take away a little bit of the stress of living a busy life while trying to make healthy choices.


  1. Plan and Prepare → If you know that you are going to be rushed in the morning try to prepare meals the night before. Pack lunches and make breakfast that you can heat up or grab to eat the night before. Another option is meal prepping a few things at the beginning of the week to cut down on the preparation time.

  2. Always have snacks on you! → This is a huge one. It is getting close to lunchtime and you still have a few things you must get done before you can eat, but you are STARVING. Have snacks with you to avoid the temptation to go through a drive through for a not as healthy but also more expensive option. Of course the best snack to have with you is the Never Been Stronger Power Cookie but this could also include, trail mix, vegetables or pretzels with hummus, a piece of fruit, granola bar, or something that is easy to pack with you.

A busy life may make it a bit harder to lead a healthy lifestyle, but it is not impossible! Even just doing these two things can make a big difference.

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