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Exercise and Quitting My Job, It Changed My Life

Hello Never Been Stronger Family, my name is Jose Miranda and I live in Indianapolis, Indiana. I am currently enrolled in Lincoln Tech to pursue my dream of becoming an Electrician. Before moving, I lived in a small town named Monmouth, located in Illinois. I am writing for to share my story of why I started exercising and how it has helped me get to where I am now.

Before I started to get serious about lifting, I used to lift on and off when I was in high school. A buddy of mine told me that I was able to get stronger without any sort of performance enhancements, and I was thrilled. Remember, I was a sophomore so I did not really know what went into the efforts and results behind many of the people that were older than I was. For a few months, I lifted and then would stop, start up again and then stop. It is what some of you readers may do currently. That is okay, because you can find that motivation like I soon did.

During 2015, I started to lift again, my Junior year around March. Then I drifted away from it because of work and school. At the time lifting wasn't a priority like it is now. I ended up landing a job at Burger King and started in May during my junior year. At the time, I weighed 150 pounds. A few months passed and November flew around and I saw a difference in my physique. To be short, I was fat… within 5 months, I let myself gain thirty-five pounds. Then it happened, one day after school, I decided that I needed a change in my lifestyle. I could not let myself go this bad. I felt nasty and gross. I had a full on gut from all the fast food I had consumed while at work. So it came down to two things; one, continue with the bad lifestyle or two, make a change in how I was living.

Change is really hard for most people. They like the way things are so they keep doing the same things over and over again. I could not be doing the same thing. I ended up quitting my job the same day I started lifting. November 15th, 2016 was the day that changed my life. Lifting came with many benefits like discipline, change in mood, confidence booster, and many more. At the time, my workout regime was based off of a website that I found off an ad on Twitter. Two months into grinding hard and dedicating my time in the gym and I saw quick muscle development. It first started with my shoulders and traps, then my biceps and triceps started to get noticeably big and so on. At the time I wasn’t on any special diet, and I had no idea what macro counting was; so whatever mama served on the plate, it was going down my belly.

March came by and my high school was having a local high school weightlifting competition that I participated in. The event consisted of power cleans, bench press, and the back squat. Surprising to some, I left the building with the overall pound for pound trophy and realized that weightlifting or powerlifting was now my favorite way of training.

At the meet I did the following weights in pounds; power cleaned 185, bench pressed 275, and squatted 400. All at a bodyweight of 160 pounds. I continued lifting heavy and kept dedicating my time at the gym and kept seeing great results throughout my time of powerlifting. I could not be any happier with the huge decision I made a year ago. I honestly do not think I would have the same mindset and determination to chase my dreams if I did not start lifting. One sacrifice could lead to many successes in the future. Just keep your head high and chase your dreams as well.

Thank you,

Jose Miranda


A note from Jose’s personal trainer:

Hey everyone, Patrick Thompson here. When Jose started his fitness journey in November of 2016, I soon met him a month later in December at Pete’s gym. I remember talking to Jose about what he does and where he plan’s to go to school and etc. At that time, I thought Jose was a pretty strong kid in the gym. He was working very hard at the gym that evening in December. Then in March, I do remember seeing him at the Titan weightlifting competition that I was helping with. It was at my local high school and so I asked the event organizer if he needed any help. About five months later, Jose then signed up for online coaching with me. I am beyond impressed with his accomplishments while training with me. From a kid that was working on graduating high school and planning to go to trade school, he has lived up to his word and even has taken leaps of faith to pursue his education that will help him for a lifetime. In all, Jose is a great example of how and why exercise can be so beneficial for you and your LIFE.


More about Jose Miranda

Jose is a recent graduate of Monmouth-Roseville High School. He is an online client with PT x PT and a member of Iron Valley Barbell in Indianapolis, Indiana. Since moving from Monmouth, Illinois to Indiana, Jose pursuing his dream of becoming an Electrician from Lincoln Tech.

Jose also likes to send some crazy Snapchats - add him: miranda_jose007

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