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What Can Having a Training Partner Really Do For Your Fitness?

When you are trying to reach your goals in anything, especially in fitness, two major keys are accountability and discipline. When you are trying to achieve something in health and fitness showing up and completing a full workout is half the battle. This is where a training partner or group comes in.

If you’re going to the gym by yourself, it is much easier to talk yourself out of going. However, if you know that your training partner is going to be there, it is much harder to find an excuse not to go. For myself, I work out at 4:00 AM (yes, AM...) and there are many days that I don’t feel like getting out of bed to go to the gym. With that being said I know that if I am not there I will be getting calls and text messages to see where I’m at. There have even been instances where the person that I train with has been upset with me for not showing up one morning. Which is totally understandable because when you work out with somebody consistently they become motivated by your goals and want to see you achieve them as much as you do.

A training partner is somebody who not only makes sure you show up, but can make sure you are putting in the necessary effort to achieve the goals you have set. Most workout plans you find will work. Though for them to work, it requires doing every set and every rep within a timely manner. If you skip sets and reps, reaching your goals becomes far more difficult. Having somebody to workout with you every step of the way, it makes it much easier.

Lastly a training partner is somebody who can push you further than you think it’s possible. My first three days I started to workout with my training partner I achieved three personal bests. I was more than capable of hitting those numbers but, if I didn’t have somebody there to push me I wouldn’t have tried it. Having somebody that is there to push and help you if you start to struggle is vital. For example, take a look at my personal numbers once I started training with someone other than myself.

Back Squat

Feb - 2017: 385

Nov - 2017: 465

Flat Bench Press

Feb - 2017: 285

Nov - 2017: 315


Feb - 2017: 425

Nov - 2017: 475

To add to that, my goal was to back squat in the lower four-hundred pound range and now I feel like I could squat five-hundred before the end of the year. Time will tell!

Overall, a training partner is a great way to better achieve your goal. If finding somebody to workout with is difficult or not feasible, I highly recommend reaching out and consulting with a personal trainer. Their job is to help you achieve your goals. Many have a very flexible schedule and are more than happy to work with you.

If you have any other questions on this topic or others, we would love to answer any questions you have.

Thanks you for reading,

Matt McVey

About the Author

Matt McVey is a fitness enthusiast who loves helping people reach their goals. Having gone through a big transformation himself, he understands the amount of work needed to reach your goals. He’s a competitive powerlifter for #TeamFranklin and a NESTA Certified Nutrition Coach. Matt is also a proud member of the Never Been Stronger team.

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