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Testimonials and Success Stories for Your Dose of Motivation

Here is your dose of motivation to get you through your day and week. Take time to learn how all of these individuals have achieved their health and fitness goals.



I remember when Morgan walked into Anytime Fitness North Peoria. Shy, timid, not sure of her starting point and how she is going to progress. After joining Anytime Fitness North Peoria and taking personal training for over a year now, Morgan has not looked back with any regrets. On top of being Anytime Fitness North Peoria's Member of the Year, she has many personal and life goals ahead of her. Aside from being a full-time nursing school student, she is also preparing to go into the military as a nurse. To assist in her profession, she is also pursuing her personal training certification.

Morgan takes the excuse of being too busy to achieve her goals and throws it out the window. I am very fortunate to be Morgans training coach and she continues to impress me with her exercise and life accomplishments.

Currently, Morgan is studying to be personal trainer. While being a full time student and working long waitressing shifts, she strives to make sure she continues to not only motivate herself, but others as well.

Follow her on Instagram: @motivationbymorgan


When I first met Rachel, she hated exercise. Until she started seeing results. When Rachel started seeing results in performance and in the mirror, she became hooked. With dedication in proper nutrition and exercise day in, day out; Rachel has been able to overcome her asthma and conquer milestones she never thought possible. Multiple 5k's and two half-marathons have been just a few of Rachel's successes.

As a nurse who works crazy hours and a mentor for many young children and adolescents; Rachel knows what she can do if she simply exercises and maintains proper nutrition. At first, it seemed impossible. But Rachel has seen many mental and physical improvements in her life.


Ever hear the saying silent but forceful? Well if not, that is exactly who Jocelyn is. Jocelyn has taken her health and fitness to places she had set in place for goals, but until the progress was real, the goals at first seemed out of reach. After taking a few months to get the hang of exercise and nutrition, the progress took off like a rocket. Down over 45lbs, Jocelyn is continuing to make great progress in and out of the gym. With an improved lifestyle, the turning of heads from friends and family has become an everyday occurrence for Jocelyn.

No matter where you may be in your fitness journey, you can reach that level of health and fitness you desire. Some days may seem tough, dreadful, and never ending; but the results will so be worth it!


Just less than one year after having her second child, Roshi has made proper nutrition and exercise a major part of her life. Raising a family and ensuring to have her health for her children is what deeply motivates her. Also, while having a full time job and going to school full time, Roshi still finds time to make exercise and proper nutrition a part of her daily routine.


"I laughed when he suggested me running, ARE YOU SERIOUS, I thought? I’ve since completed 2 5K’s and signed up for two additional ones.."

I travel constantly for my job. Although I love working out and was a regular in the hotel gyms - and my gym in Peoria - my weight just kept climbing. I finally decided that enough was enough. I joined a new gym and decided that I would try working out with a trainer. Working out with Patrick was exactly what I needed. His involvement in my health and fitness isn’t limited to the 30 minute, weekly sessions we have at the gym. He constantly challenges me in our personal training sessions, but more importantly he’s given me equally challenging – and constantly changing - workouts to do on my own when I’m traveling. We also constantly discuss my nutrition and I’ve completely changed the way I look at the foods I eat. To date, I’ve lost 70 pounds, run multiple 5Ks, placed 3rd in my class in a 4 mile race, bought a whole new wardrobe, and actually wore a bikini in public for the first time…ever. These are all things I never thought I’d do. Thanks, Patrick, for changing my life and helping me become the best me I can be!

Update: Samantha has done many more than 2 5k's. Her goal for 2016 is to do 12 total 5k's!


"I started working with Patrick in January of 2015. I had gained quite a bit of weight due to an injury and was ready to take charge. Immediately, I felt a great connection and was excited to start. Patrick has a great way of encouraging, yet challenging you in your training. It is awesome! Just when you think you can’t do anymore, you are fine, you can! His is inspiring and a great coach. Not just with personal training, but with everything! Patrick is always there to answer questions regarding exercise, nutrition, and life in general! He has recommended reasonable nutrition changes and caloric goals to help me strive to do my best! He talked me into trying a 5K. I laughed when he suggested me running, ARE YOU SERIOUS, I thought? I’ve since completed 2 5K’s and signed up for two additional ones. He not only has goals for himself; but encourages you to make your own. Now that is impressive! A coach that actually engages you in your plans! :) I’m proud to say with his help, I’m now down 50 lbs. in just over 9 months. Patrick keeps your exercise fresh and is always engaging in new exercises to challenge and help the progressions. His knowledge in exercise, nutrition, and achieving goals is phenomenal. He works with you as much as possible and does a great job at being flexible with your schedule. In addition, he checks in if you go incognito. He truly cares and it is his passion to help! :) I recommend Patrick to anyone wanting to change their mental, physical, weight loss, and strength goals! "


"After struggling with weight for years and successfully losing some with diet alone, I finally decided to take the next step and found Anytime Fitness. As a birthday gift to myself, I bought a membership and personal training sessions with Patrick. Patrick continues to help me maximize my weight loss and fitness abilities. My physical health and abilities have improved tremendously. I look forward to working out, especially at Anytime Fitness. It's not just a gym, but an amazing support system.”

Anytime Fitness Member Success Stories

In this video, you hear the success stories from Briana, Morgan, Samantha, Lisa, and Kirsten.

Member to Coach

This original post from Anytime Fitness Peoria's Facebook page is about Shelby LeBoeuf's fitness journey. He used to be a member of Anytime Fitness. Then, he became one of our very own coaches. Now, Shelby is helping individuals instill healthy living in many different individuals. An awesome story, better person.

Follow Shelby on:

Twitter: @LeBoeuf_Shelby

Instagram: @shredxshelby

Facebook: ShredxShelby


Other Success Stories!

Strong As Hell

My friend Eric taking his squat max from 185 to 425 in less than one year. Once you start, you have a chance to do things you may of not thought possible.

These individuals have absolutely crushed their fitness goals they have set for themselves. Each person featured in this post works damn hard for his or her goal. I am very honored to be a part of their health and fitness journey. Get out there and set some goals this week! Here are six questions you can use to get started this week.

- PT

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