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Should Sickness Keep You Away From Exercise?

When sickness hits should you lace up your shoes and hit the gym or stay inside and take a nap? Well, professionals say that mild to moderate exercise can actually help with your illness, depending on what that illness may be.

Above the Neck

If your symptoms are above the neck exercise is usually okay to partake in. These sicknesses include, a common cold, nasal congestion, sneezing, or minor sore throat. It may be a good idea to reduce the length and intensity of your workout. Exercise might help you feel better and even temporarily relieve nasal congestion.

Below the Neck

If your symptoms are below the neck a rest day or two is going to be more beneficial for your body. These symptoms include chest congestion, upset stomach, fever, fatigue, or widespread muscle aches. When these symptoms are present exercise is not ideal.

As always let your body be your guide. Taking a break for a few days when you are sick will not hurt your progress. In fact, exercising during this time may lead to more injury or worsen your illness. Sometimes our bodies need that time to rest. However, if you chose to workout reduce the length and intensity of the physical activity.


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