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Planks, Planks, and More Planks

The good old plank is always a go to exercise to work the core, and total body stabilization. You will find this trusty movement in many exercise programs. Sometimes the basic poses get boring, or too easy and we need to spice them up a little! These are just a few ways to make planks more challenging and interesting.

The first one are the Side Plank Rotations, starting in a bent arm side plank position you will twist and raise one arm up above head. Then bring that raised arm down, through the opening between your torso and the ground. Keep the core engaged and hips up!

Next up is are the Push-Up Position Plank Jacks. For this exercise you will start in a straight arm plank position, and will then jump your feet out to your side and back in to the starting place. Make sure to keep your butt down and core engaged. Challenge the pace of this movement and keep it quick. Not only will the exercise build core strength and stabilization but it will also get your heart rate going!

Last, but not least, the Push-Up Position Birddogs that will challenge your strength but also your balance! Staying in a straight arm plank the entire time you will raise your opposite arm and leg up, as straight as possible, and pause for a few seconds before lowering them back down. This exercise will require you to really take your time, engage your core, and stay focused.

Don’t get in a rut of doing the same exercises over and over again. Make working out fun and exciting by trying out different variations of a movement!!

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