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How much of an impact does a trainer have on your gym results?

When the journey all started, I trained for six months with a buddy who wanted the same thing as me. We were looking to get big! In my early days of lifting, the goal was not to do powerlifting. The goal in mind was to lose all the fat I had while gaining some muscle. Although the results were there, anyone can go into a gym to lift for a year and see results. Now think about this...

What if you had someone who's willing to lead you every step of the way to achieving your goals? Someone with great knowledge in their respected field and knows exactly what exercises you should be doing to reach those goals at a quicker rate? Sounds pretty amazing, right? I am excited to tell you a small secret, IT IS POSSIBLE!

Patrick Thompson has been my online personal trainer for six months now. He has been through thick and thin with me. In my previous articles, I stated that I met Pat back in December of 2016. We had no idea of who we were but luckily it was the start of something great. Fast-forwarding to July of 2017, Pat came to All-Time Fitness in Monmouth, Illinois. I was able to witness Pat lift and man was I amazed by the power a single man had. I thought to myself, “man I wanted that shit.” When he finished his workout I went outside to purchase some of his Never Been Stronger Pre-Workout Supplements and I told him what my goals were. He told me to reach out if I had any questions and that I could always sign-up for his online personal training program. BOOM! That moment is when my life changed. Over the last 6 months, I brought Patrick into my own problems, both Personal and gym related. He helped me through every small thing I threw at him! He even found me a gym because the local gym I was at ended up not being what I needed to reach my goals. He is my personal best friend.

When it comes to making programs, he knows what I need to be doing and has it all planned out perfectly. He has impacted my life greatly. Without him, my squat/bench/deadlift would not be where they are now. Many people are afraid to pay or even ask for help, especially when it comes to personal goals. Understanding that two heads is better than one is key. You pay for what you get right? Well if you want clean results wouldn’t you do whatever it takes to achieve them? If someone would have told me a year ago that I would where I am at today I would probably look at you very confused and tell you that you have the wrong guy. My squat is now at 445, deadlift at 440, and bench at 285. The journey I am currently traveling has had many ups and downs, but invest in someone who is always pushing you forward. Luckily I have had that for a year now. Thanks to Patrick Thompson, my life has been changed for good!

Thank you,

Jose Miranda

More about Jose Miranda

Jose is a recent graduate of Monmouth-Roseville High School. He is an online client with PT x PT and a member of Iron Valley Barbell in Indianapolis, Indiana. Since moving from Monmouth, Illinois to Indiana, Jose pursuing his dream of becoming an Electrician from Lincoln Tech.

Jose also likes to send some crazy Snapchats - add him: miranda_jose007

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