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PTfit Daily - Improved Strength in One Minute

Getting stronger is something most of us desire for our health and fitness. Whether you are looking to walk up the stairs a bit easier, squat a five dollar bill (500 pounds), or run further; desired strength improvements are a daily occurrence.

You can simply improve your strength by doing one exercise per day. Yep, just one.

The Wall Sit

The wall sit is great because you can really improve your leg strength without continuous repetition. Especially at the knee joint. So, if you want to get stronger, in your lower body specifically, maybe squats hurt your knees but the wall sit won't. The only way to know is if you try!

Here is a challenge for you. I challenge you to do a wall sit for one minute today. If you can do that, that is fantastic. If you can do twenty, thirty, or even forty seconds, that is awesome. Make it a goal to work up to a one minute wall sit by at least the end of the month.

Need more of an incentive?

Take a photo or video of yourself doing the wall sit and you will receive a free koozie from the Barbells & Barstools team. Everyone loves to get stuff for free, sometimes you may just have to work for it!

Simply Tweet or put the photo on Instagram and tag Barbells & Barstools to receive your free koozie -- @barbellbarstool

Happy Monday!!

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