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PTfit Daily - Live For Today

Monday is upon us and another work week will be in full force. I hope most of you reading this had a wonderful weekend.

Let's not live for the weekends. Live For Today.

What does that mean?

You are put on this earth for a purpose. A purpose to live to your fullest potential. As you go through your long weekday's, strive to have purpose. Take pride in what you do and you shall reach your potential.

Always take a moment to catch your breath and take a step back from reality. Look at how your job and life is impacting the ones around you.

Actions that you do today, tomorrow, and yesterday will not be forgotten by ones who encounter you.

Fitness example: when you lose 10 pounds your actions might just motivate someone else to do the same.

With that, if you Live For Today, the choices you make will compound into what you ultimately desire.

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