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Spring Fundamentals for Fitness Are Made Simple

Summer is around the corner but springtime is straight ahead. With the warmer temperatures coming up, get excited about going outside to improve your health. Try a few of these springtime workout tips to help you ramp up your outdoor fitness activity.

Garage Access

If you have a garage full of junk you have not used within the last twelve months, it is time to throw those items out. No more 'saving for next time'. You know what, if you have not used it for a year or more, there will not be a next time. So get rid of the nonsense and create a home gym!

Check out these inexpensive items that create a perfect starter home gym.

Yoga Mat ($15)

Ab Wheel ($20)

Total Cost: $162

(click on each item to purchase on Amazon)

With just these six items, you can create a home gym at a very reasonable rate. With the dumbbells and bench, you can create endless amount of workouts to keep you from doing the same workout over and over. To spice up your training plan, there are many ways you can do that with a certified online personal coach.

Grout-fit Time

Even if it is a little chilly, you can still put on your grey hoodie, grey sweats, and fly Chuck Taylors. Besides is very easy to add on a few layers under the Grout-fit before an early morning walk or jog. While you may think a Grout-fit is not very appealing, look at who else wore it pretty confidently. He seemed to turn out okay...

Rocky II (1979)

Stop Watching Television

As the sun starts to stay out longer each day for the next four to five months, turn of the (FAKE) news, turn off the bachelor, and go do something productive with your time. There are so many things you can do outside to stay active. Let's look at a few:

Walk Your Dog

You say you don't have one? Walk your neighbors. The poor guy needs it.

'Wiggles' from Google Images

Mow Your Yard

Oh, you hire someone else? Try it one time, it is relaxing...for some.

'Your Neighbors Lawnmower' taken Google Images

Wash Your Car

You say there is one on your way to work? Okay..okay, you want to pay $12 for a group looking to raise money for an event. I suppose that is okay.

Your favorite movie, Dodgeball (2004)

All in all, look for various outdoor activities to do with your family, friends, kids, or dodgeball team. It is time to stop sitting inside wasting time.

Take Up an Activity

There are a lot of fun things you can do outside that will give you a solid workout. Consider inviting a few friends for a game of pick-up basketball at the local park. If basketball is not your thing, try volleyball, slow pitch softball, or outdoor tennis. Even if you don’t consider yourself as an 'athlete', a game of bag-o or corn-hole can do the trick.

Workout With Friends

Almost every local health club will have a summer workout program either indoor or outdoors. Even if you don't want to be a member of the gym, most facilities offer summer specials. This is mainly due to the summer months being slower for business, so gyms will offer special rates or offers to get people in the gym. Most of these programs are offered in the early or mid-mornings. So grab a friend and take advantage of a special program to keep you on the right track this spring or summer.

Short N Sweet

Exercise should not be something you need to do for hours on end. Instead of focusing on your length of workout, focus on the intensity of it. There are some studies (1,2) that prove short, yet high intensity workouts, they will still reap the same benefits of longer workouts.

As winter comes to a close, the motivation to get up and get moving should start to increase for everyone who desires to be healthy or fit. If you struggle to find a starting point, this article and website can lead you to many great coaches who would love to help you say that you have Never Been Stronger this spring.

Patrick Thompson, CSPS

Anytime Fitness Peoria - Head Coach/Exercise Physiologist

Never Been Stronger - CEO




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