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PTfit Daily - Stop Cravings with Apricots

Without getting super in depth with this fruit, apricots will help crave your sweet tooth.

This is primarily due to the sugars and fiber this glowing fruit is made up of. When you have a craving for chips or something sweet, grab an apricot before grabbing the bag of cheetos or ice cream.

With this fruit being mildly sweet and especially crunchy. It is assuring that you will stop any type of sweet or crunchy craving that you may have.

During a time of cravings, I recommended having as many as you want. The reason for that is due to the fact that this sweet and crunchy fruit will make you feel sick before you overeat (don't eat more than two). I would be extremely surprised if you overeat and gain weight from indulging in apricots. It is almost impossible.

Along with curing your sweet tooth cravings, apricots have been known to help with digestion, skin health, and lowering cholesterol.

Hooray Apricots!

What do you go to when you need to overcome your sweet tooth?

Read more on apricots via Organic Facts

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