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PTfit Daily - Long Cardio vs. Sprints

Let's say you stay with me for the next year, you will have accumulated three-hundred and sixty-five minutes of increasing your knowledge in exercise, nutrition, or motivation. That is SIX hours of education that you will have without wondering if it is 'going to work this time'. Look, read my blog everyday for the next 365 days and you will learn small tips that will lead to big changes.

So what the heck is this?

Your 1 Minute - PTfit Daily will help you get over the hump. Best part? Look back here each and everyday, and you and I both will have some accountability.

These PTfit Daily posts will range greatly from exercise selection to what type of beer you should drink with your hamburger and french fries.

I get it, we are all human and want to have some fun. --> Barbells & Barstools

More on the Barbells & Barstools Podcast later.

With that being said, I want to keep these posts short, sweet, and to the point. So here is your very first PTfit Daily post.

When doing cardio, should we be doing loooong, steady state cardio? OR Should we actually be doing 'sprints'.

Let's look at it this way -

Compare Jordy Nelson, Serena Williams, and Lance Armstrong

Take a look at the the three of them below. In your mind, you will think, 'Dang, Jordy and Serena are pretty ripped and jacked. Then picture Lance Armstrong, not quite as muscular, but pretty lean himself.

Jordy Nelson. Wide Receiver - Green Bay Packers

Serena Williams. Badass Tennis Player

Lance Armstrong. Multiple Tour De France Champinon

With using the sport specific movements and durations as the prime differences in these three athletes, Jordy and Serena sprint every play or rally. As for Lance, he does loooong, steady state cardio. Now, don't get me wrong, Lance does perform sprints, but he mainly has trained for long endurance rides.

So without throwing any science or studies at you, you now know that training like a certain athlete may just change your outlook on certain modes of exercise. It is common sense really.

Want to be lean, lose weight, and have muscle?!

- Perform bike, running, elliptical, hill, swimming, or rowing sprints. The opportunities are endless for you.

Want to be skinny and maybe have lean muscle definition?!

- Perform cardio such as walking, jogging, and other cardio equipment for long periods of time.

Nutrition also plays a huge factor in these three athletes and your outcomes more specifically. But I want to leave you with this question -

As you think about your training and desired goals, is it time to switch some things up?

Dun dun dun...

Tune in tomorrow for the next PTfit Daily.

- Patrick

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