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Don’t let the fitness of your business get in the way of your own personal health!

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Lean Startup: Stay Fit While Growing Your Business

“I have too much work to do before I can go workout.” How many times have you uttered this statement to yourself while at work or planning your day? As a fitness professional, I hear this all of the time from my clients.

What I have learned is that even as I continue to grow my own personal business, I must stay moving throughout of the work day. Of course sitting at the desk, sending emails and packing meetings might earn you the success you have been visualizing, but if you let your health slide in the process then you’ll have to work just as hard to get your body back into the shape you desire. If you the time to give yourself a five minute spark of activity during the course of your work day, you will be more productive – guaranteed.

Here are five simple exercises that you can do to keep the brain and metabolism going during your day:

1. Squat to chair

Start in a standing position and squat into your desk chair (preferably not one that will roll away). From the seated position, press with your legs up back into a standing position.

2. Standing wall push-ups

Face a wall and stand with your hands shoulder width apart. Press against the wall extending your arms.

3. Knee-ups

While standing in place, raise and alternate your knees up and down. Think “high knees.”

4. Buttkicks

Similar to knee-ups except you will be lifting and alternating your heels to your glutes.

5. Wall slides

Place your back against the wall with your arms spread apart, perform a sliding motion while bringing your hands overhead.

These five exercises are designed to target the major muscle groups around every major joint in your body. Perform each exercise for one minute each. In only five minutes, you will be reenergized to get back to your busy day of growing your business!

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