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David G.

Ever have a nagging pain that was preventing you from daily activities, or even worse, something that you love? Check out one of my client's stories on how I helped him resolve that with a couple of quick training sessions!


About 3 months ago, I was power washing my patio and deck. I worked about two hours with the washer. The next morning my left shoulder was so sore I could not lift my left arm even halfway up to horizontal. Putting a belt through the belt loops was impossible. I had to put my pants on the bed and run the belt through the loops before putting my pants on.

I thought it would get better with time, so decided to live with it. After a month, it was slightly better, but still not even close to normal. I was beginning to think I had serious problems. I contacted Patrick and asked if he would recommend anyone for me to contact. He did, but also said he could have a look if I wanted to go that route. After thinking about this, I decided to let him work with me. He asked me how it happened, and when I told him my story, he said he felt it was a strained rotator cuff, and had me do several stretching exercises. After a couple of sessions, there was noticeable improvement. Two weeks ago, I could run my belt through the loops without a problem, and I have no pain when golfing. Thank you, Patrick!


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