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Q&A with Patrick Thompson

Googling is an easy way to get information fast, but is it really all that reliable? I sat down with Patrick Thompson, head trainer at Anytime Fitness North Peoria, and got the inside scoop on a few of the most recently asked questions in the fitness world.


Are supplements really worth it?

When they are used for their purpose, most definitely. If your goal is to build muscle, having a protein supplement is a must in my opinion. Most individuals I have encountered have typically unsuccessfully hit 100% of their daily nutritional needs, this includes protein intake. The protein supplement will help with muscle recover and development. As for other products such as pre-workouts, they are not 100% necessary but they do help motivate people to get to the gym when they’re not really up for it. Some would argue that they need to get mentally tougher but I would say to walk in the shoes of some of those ‘weak minded’ people that go to the gym. Sometimes 99% of the struggle is making that turn to go to the gym instead of going home and vegging out the rest of the day. This topic/question is one that I will write a whole article about down the road. I could go on forever.

Is the Keto diet really all that it is cracked up to be?

It’s something that works but I think that people will tend to jump on board too soon before they really know what it really entails. It is great for weight loss and decreasing inflammation of the body. However, I think of ratio of success vs unsuccessful Keto diets, I would bet money that the unsuccessful percentage is much higher. This is partially because of the person doing the diet but also the information that has been put out is not enough or it is something that people don’t truly understand without having proper coaching or teachers along the way. Oh yeah, There is NO MAGIC KETO PILL.

Is cardio the best way to lose weight?

I would agree that it can be the best way to lose weight. However, your nutrition will always be the primary factor when it comes to losing weight. If you’re not consuming quality foods that match a weight loss goal in terms of a caloric deficit intake, weight loss will be stalled. I would say that if people did cardio with INTENSITY (the heart rate stays in 80% + of your heart rate max) you may find that it is personally the best way to lose weight.

Is it possible to spot train just one body part?

To build muscle, most definitely. If you are looking to develop a certain area of your body, you can work those muscles. However, you cannot spot train an area of fat. Everyone’s body has the ability to lose body fat in all areas of our body. However, when a person gains or loses weight, certain areas will gain or lose around areas first or later down the road. If you’re struggling with an area of the body that carries more body fat than other areas, you may be able to increase your muscle tone in that area but in reality fat loss in certain areas will depend on the individual make-up of someones body. People will tend to gain and/or lose fat differently than one another.


You can't believe everything on the internet, make sure you are reading a credible source. Do you have a question you would like Patrick to answer? If you have any questions let us know, we will be doing a Q&A every first week of the month!

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