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Why You Need to Have a Date Set on the Calendar

In fitness, you might see people mention having a date on the calendar, but what does that really mean? Yes, it could be trying to lose a few pounds before a vacation or for myself, preparing to do my first powerlifting meet. When you really look at it though, it is a form of accountability that most people need to reach their goals. It's the type of accountability people need to get the ball rolling to get where they want to be. To drive by the fast food places or run the extra lap on the treadmill knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I have goals set for my first powerlifting meet that require every ounce of effort I can give in the gym until that date. That is the extra motivation needed for myself to do every rep of every set. Once you've picked your date, don't be afraid to tell people. When you say your goals out loud, they become more real. This also gives you more people to hold you accountable and point out when you might be veering off your path. You may not have a major event coming up, but you can still set a date to reach a goal. This can apply to many thing not just in the gym.

Lastly, when you reach your goal, reward yourself. You've earned it. If your goal is to lose weight before a vacation then reward yourself on your trip. When you get back, it's time to refocus and set your next date. So here is my challenge to you - get a calendar, set a date, and crush your goals.

Much Love,

Matt McVey

About the Author -

Matt McVey is a fitness enthusiast who loves helping people reach their goals. Having gone through a big transformation himself, he understands the amount of work needed to reach your goals. He’s a competitive power lifter and a NESTA certified nutrition coach. Matt is also a proud member of the Never Been Stronger team.

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