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PTfit Daily - Treat Your Body Like A Business (Effort)

There isn't too many other words that describes success in any aspect in life other than the word, effort.

Whether there is zero or 110% effort.

Effort determines the outcome.

Starting a Business / Career

How much effort are you willing to put in?

An eight hour day won't earn an individual the business success they may desire. Be willing to put in the 50, 60, and 70 hour weeks. Even then, one might just be able to retire before they are fifty. Maybe.

Every successful individual I know puts in much more than 40 hours a week.

Business = Health

Changing Your Physical Health or Mindset

How much effort are you willing to put in?

Four days of healthy eating and two days of exercise will not get you to where you would like (need) your health to be. Treat your health like a business and you will change in the way that you desire.

We have one life, one body, many goals.

In a recent radio show, I spoke with a client of mine. I asked her if she thought her business increased since she started to exercising more.

So far, this year, her business is up 70% from last year.

I want to hear your thoughts.

Do you feel like your business thrives when you exercise and eat healthy? I want to hear your thoughts.

- PT

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