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PTfit Daily - Start On The Right Foot

Today's ‪#‎PTfitDaily‬ is about starting on the right foot for your week.

For Jandá, she hit a double whammy of exercising earlier and going straight to the grocery store afterwards.

With some foods from the week before that carried over, 30 minutes inside Kroger and she left with less than $60 out of her pocket.

After going with her a couple times before, she has nailed down her shopping trips.

Simply reading food labels and knowing the amount of nutrients in the foods will go a long way.

For example; one-half of an avocado has roughly 140 calories with 1 NET CARB. Yes, 1!

Starting the week off right in terms of fitness doesn't have to be just exercising. You can start by having a glass of water right when you wake up.

Seems like a small step, but those small victories will go a long way in your health and fitness.

Happy Monday

- PT

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