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PTfit Daily - Passion, Purpose, and Pride

Passion, Purpose, and Pride.

When diving into something that you know may make a change in your life, understand the three P's that are relatable to your doings.

I recently heard a friend talk about the difference between Passion and Purpose. I don't recall exactly what she said, but it spoke to me at the time. It showed me that your passion and purpose are very different. Here are my definitions and the understanding of my three P's


As most of you know, I love working out and just getting after it in the weight room. Exercise is something that I am very passionate about in my life. However, I learned that what I am good at became a passion in helping others live a happy and healthy life. When people seek my guidance for my passion, it helps conclude my purpose.


When helping people reach new levels of fitness, physically and mentally, I am able to continue working for my purpose. My passion helps my family make a living and achieve things that I envision later in life. Having a purpose makes the things 'we have to do' (work) that much easier everyday. A passion may start to develop once you understand your purpose.

Pride Lastly, Pride. I take extreme pride in my passion that supports my purpose. Individuals seek my services because of a wide range of reasonings. I cannot express how fortunate I am to do what I love everyday. So, thank you all for the never ending support. When putting your heart into everything you do to support your purpose, you will never hesitate to take pride in your craft.

I encourage you to understand the three P's in your life. If possible, your mindset just might take a turn for the greater good.

How does this relate to fitness? Well, your health is the most important factor in your life. If you know you must exercise or at least eat a little bit better, it will be easy when you understand the three P's. We never know what may be in store for our future.

Passion, Purpose, and Pride. The three a relatable to anything.

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