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Find Your Motivation

Do you struggle to find motivation?

If you said 'Yes'. It is time to get that motivation going.

I could name over 100 people to motivate me. But I don't think you want me to do that.

Here is my number one source of motivation

This is the point -

Allow people to come into your thought processes. This will allow you to work towards what you ultimately want to accomplish. My senior year of college is where I met my fiance Katlyn. I didn't allow her to come into my life until I realized she can change the current version of myself. I was in a very dark place for a long time. As a young college kid, I turned to partying as my relief. Of course it was fun but it forced my desired outcome goals to be achieved until about two years later. However, everything happens for a reason. That is why I am here now. I would not change anything.

When you allow people to come into your thought processes, you are opening the door to motivation. If the door to motivation is shut, you must open it. That will allow you to step through and pick what door you want to smash through next.


Door to motivation is opened --> You work your tail off for what your desired goal(s) are --> Bust through the door of your goal: It is really a simple process of how bad do you want it.

If you struggle to meet your fitness goals, you are not motivated enough, period.

Find Your Motivation and Rise to Confidence

- Patrick

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