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Strength after Injury

After an unexpected cross country move in late 2017, I feel so fortunate to have found Anytime Fitness; especially Patrick. I have countless injuries to my cervical spine and right shoulder as well as a couple of surgeries to boot which resulted in an unhealthy weight loss and chronic pain. I spent almost six years in physical therapy prior to my doctors releasing me to return to the gym while I was still in Los Angeles. Patrick took the time to review all I had been doing and developing a plan for and with me for the next phase of developing strength. He is a huge part of what motivates me to not give up, even on the most frustrating of days when he adapts my workouts to accommodate whatever aches and pains I may be dealing with. With Patrick's knowledge, experience, guidance, and patience over my first year here I finally broke through where I felt I was physically stuck. I am healthier, finally at the right weight for me, and in a much better place - Thank You Patrick!


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