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Why I Train at 4 AM

It’s Monday, and my alarm is going off. It’s 3:40 in the morning, and I don’t need the snooze button because I’m up and excited to go workout. When I get into conversation with people about fitness and they find out I train at 4 AM, I always get crazy looks and the response “I could never do that.” The truth of the matter is anybody can get up that early if they are disciplined enough. I choose to lift early for several reasons.

The first is uninterrupted time. When you work out early in the morning, most people are sleeping so you’re not getting calls or texts asking a million questions which can be workout killers. Next is the consistency that comes with lifting in the morning. Many people have busy lives between work and other various extracurricular activities. When you work out at 4 AM those activities do not throw off your workout schedule. The only people you see in the gym at 4 AM are the ones who are serious about reaching their goals. Lastly the main reason I love lifting at four in the morning is because it is uncomfortable. You may think I’m crazy for saying that but hear me out before coming to a conclusion.

Most people’s fitness goals are reachable but are big changes in some way. Many times it is either significantly increasing strength or reshaping your body to some degree. In order to reach these goals, many diet and training changes need to be made. Change for most people makes them uncomfortable on many levels and can be the biggest hurdle to your goal. Some of these include lifting more weight than you ever have to gain strength or spending more time doing cardio at a faster pace than you have become accustomed to. By waking up and working out in the morning you instantly program yourself to be uncomfortable. It’s not my favorite thing ever to go to the gym at 4 AM when it’s 20° outside, but I can wholeheartedly say that my success in fitness and my professional career has increased by simply getting up and getting after it.

My challenge to you reading this is get out one hour earlier for the next week to do something productive whether that be working out or something else to help you get ahead. I think you’ll be surprised with what you can do with simply just one more hour a day.

Matt McVey


About the Author

Matt McVey is a fitness enthusiast who loves helping people reach their goals. Having gone through a big transformation himself, he understands the amount of work needed to reach your goals. Matt is the MXM at Anytime Fitness Peoria, a competitive powerlifter for #TeamFranklin, and a NESTA Certified Nutrition Coach. Matt is also a proud member of the Never Been Stronger team.

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