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PTfit Daily - What Is Your Motivation?

What will it take to motivate you?

I sure the heck know that it will not be me.

Time Out.

I know, I preach that I can motivate and encourage individual's day-in, day-out. Which is true to an extent.

However, I can only do so much.

It is ultimately up to YOU.

What motivates you? You need to take two minutes after this and figure that out.

A few Motivational Examples:

1. Spouse

2. Children

3. Success

4. Money

Yep, money. If you take medication, how much does that cost per month?

Tomorrow morning, wake up 10 minutes early and do something you enjoy. Listen to some music, go for a walk, play with the kids and/or dogs, write, color; simply something you enjoy!

Now is that time to take two minutes to figure out what motivates you.

Bonus: Write down three goals to conquer this week and make sure you tell someone about your three goals. Comment below and share your goals with everyone!

- PT

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