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One bad meal won't derail your fitness goals. However, I can guarantee one healthy meal will make your day better than that one bad meal of choice.


The hard part of healthy living shouldn't be breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Finding a healthy morning breakfast can be challenging. Waking up the kids, taking the dogs out, and getting ready for work; all are obstacles to a healthier breakfast. Here is an easy on-the-go guide to starting your day off with a healthy energizing breakfast. 


We can't skip this meal, my friends. I know, you have two meetings right around your lunch hour, it stinks. However, these simple meals will be great to take with you. If you have time during your day, you can even make a quality meal with what is listed to the right. 


You have made it so far, don't slip up now! Whether you cook for yourself or a family,  you can make a dinner that is super fast and good for you or your family. When it comes down to making dinner, make enough that will get you through to the next day. We do not want any binge snacking before bed. 

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Pick Two Breakfast Items
  • Milk (your choice of type)
  • Eggs - hard boiled for on the go
  • Carbmaster Yogurt
  • Almonds (grab n go)
  • Small fruit or 1 Cup of choice
  • Protein Shake w/ Flaxseed
Pick Lunch One Combo
  • Combo One
    • chicken, spinach, hard boiled eggs, vinegar & oil, Quest Bar.
  • Combo Two
    • on-the-go pack of mixed nuts, apple,  Cutie orange, and a protein shake.
Pick One Dinner Combo
  • Combo One
    • chicken, asparagus, green beans, black beans, cottage cheese. 
  • Combo Two
    • ground hamburger 90/10, chopped peppers and onions, steamed brocoli.


If you are just starting out, make your exercise as simple as possible. 

Mode of Exercise

If you are just starting out, you need to find the right mode of exercise. That may be weight training, running, walking, swimming, or using the eliptical. Whatever mode of exercise you chose to do, make sure you are progressing and performing the exercise in the correct manner. 

Intensity of Exercise

Now that you have your mode of exercise chosen, it is time to select an intensity to perform your exercise. Whichever type of exercise you partake in, it does not have to be a preceived exertion of 10 for every training session you perform. Some days need to be tough, and some days need to be moderate. Find what works for your goals and be consistent. 

Frequency of Exercise

You have your mode and intensity of exercise all set. Now, how often should you exercise? Well, that depends. What time do you have available to exercise. Also, how much time in a given day can you commit to exercise. Make sure you schedule time in your weekly calendar to exercise at home or in the gym. That way you will be locked in certain days and you will create a habit. 

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Pick Two Modes of Exercise
  • Walking
  • Running
  • Stair Stepper
  • Resistance Machines
  • Free Weights
  • Personal or Small Group Training
Pick Your Intensity
  • Rated Perceived Exertion (RPE) of 1-10
    • ​​Light: 1-3
    • Moderate: 4-7
    • Heavy: 8-10
  • Don't overdo your training in the beginning. Aim for Moderate intensity.
  • You should be able to talk while exercising.
Pick Your Frequency
Mode and intensity of exercise have been chosen, great! Now I want you to think how long you want your exercise to be. Twenty, thirty, forty minutes? Just one of them will do. Now open your calendar, pick  the days you know you can exercise; write it in with a pen. If you have more than one day, that is awesome. Now I want you to pencil in 1-2 more additional training spots during the same week. Do this every week to ensure you get your exercise done. 

The Go-Getter Training Manual

I made it easy, start now!

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