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A collaborative guide for ab development brought to you by Jack Lucas, Shelby LeBoeuf, Joey O'Brien, and Patrick Thompson.

This Ebook contains 12 Weeks of 3 Workouts PER WEEK. In total there are 36 different core workouts for this summer.

With this guide, there are full links to our YouTube page with exercise technique videos. Be sure to subscribe! To see how to do an exercise, simply click on the 'Week' or the exercise of choice on the 'Exercise Video' pages 17-22.

Summer Shred - Ab Series (Ebook)

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  • This file format is formated to fit any computer, laptop, or mobile device. This PDF guide is eaisly readable on any device. If there are any issues, please contact support at

  • This file is to not be duplicated in any form. If duplication without the permission of Never Been Stronger occurs, that is known as stealing, which is a criminal offense.

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