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Dan is from Galva, Illinois and a proud Virgo 💁🏻‍♂️

He is 31 years young and has claim to the 12th highest total ever in the 308 weight class with a 2221 total and the 2nd highest of all time in any weight class with a 2458 total. His best lifts include:

 ---1025 squat

----551 bench



Currently sitting around 350 pounds bodyweight training out of XPF in Kewanee, Illinois


Dan's favorite part of being a coach: "Has to be the clients platform PRs and celebrations. My favorite thing has to be the networking and friendships that come with the lifting community." 


Passions outside the gym:  Damn that’s a tough one. Over the last 4 years the gym has been my life. Of course I still enjoy snowboarding, playing ice hockey, and fishing from time to time.. but I always find my passion in the gym. 


Quote to live by: “Be somebody” has gone pretty far Cheeks and I threw that around a lot. “We’re not here to be mediocre” that’s another good one.  “Hungry, happy and humble” is the one I love by. 

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