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Fear of Failure in Fitness and How We Can Overcome It

What's up?

Let's start out by asking some simple yet never ending questions.

Do you have a definitive health or fitness goal?

  • If you answered Yes, how are you going to get to that goal? Think SMART. More on SMART in a moment.

  • If you answered No, why not? Having goals will keep you in check while having a conscious effort in place.

Why should you have a definitive health or fitness goal?

Just to name a few answers for you.

1. It helps you get to where you want to be faster.

2. It keeps you active.

3. It helps keep you motivated and hungry to strive for other goals and visions in life.

Let's get this set, right now.

You are reading this for many reasons, a few being:

a. You may be one of my clients.

b. You feel stuck and are in a 'rut'. Which if you train with me, we need to be talking, like yesterday.

c. You want to start exercising and eating better but you do not know where to start.

d. You want to start exercising and eating better but there is fear holding you back. A few of those fears being, "What will people think?" or "Will I fail?"...etc.

Let's look at these reasons and disregard a few things.


This is so CRUCIAL in literally anything in life. Any relationship must have proper communication and clear visions of what is going on. If someone trains with me and is frustrated with their goals, I can sometimes tell, therefore I ask. However, there are some instances where clear communication isn't so relevant. Some are better at hiding their feelings. If there is a problem, active communication must be present to get out of a 'rut'.

Who gives a shit what people say

I encounter and see it every day. In person, on Twitter, on Facebook, literally everywhere. People (myself included) get scared about what others will think about OUR health and fitness habits. Why? it is because people have judged us prior and we are scared to fail or look bad. The nail is in the coffin right now. Who gives a shit what people say anyways, do you and do it for what you believe in.

I live, eat, sleep, and breathe fitness. My mind picks up thoughts and words around me very easily. There are internet and in person trolls. In other words, there are people who make fun of people on social media or in person about their efforts to better themselves.

I believe as a society in whole, we do not reach goals because we do not share them with clear communication. As previously stated, we are scared to tell others because the fear of failure or what others will think. With clear communication to someone will always come never ending support in the fitness world.

SMART steps to reaching your goals

S - Specific

When choosing a goal, don't say, "I want to lose weight".

Instead, say, "I want to lose inches around my waist over the next 3 months because I want to fit in the spring dress I have not worn since 2008".

Bingo was his name-o!

M - Measureable

How will you measure that goal?

Answer: You would start with what the dress circumference is. Then you would compare that to what your current waist size is. Then you know exactly how many inches needs to be lost. Now, I am no dress expert but I am pretty sure, ladies, that this scenario is how it would be done.

A - Attainable

Is it Attainable or Achievable?

Well, would this person need to lose 2 inches or 12 inches? If it is 12 inches in three months, that probably wouldn't be attainable. Could it be? in a sense. But I wouldn't recommend it. If it was 2 inches, then of course. This is where education comes in and having a support system.

R - Realistic

Is it Real?

Could a person really lose 2 inches around their waist in three months? Heck ya. This is where your truthfulness with yourself comes in. We always want instant gratification and a endpoint with our goals, however, we must be real and true to the game.

T - Timeframe

Is there a window of time defined?

There must be an association with time in any goal. Stating a month or year goal is great. If losing 2 inches around the waist is a goal for someone, that more than likely should be a short term goal, not a life goal. However, this depends on the individual.

Crush It

It is time to get the elephant out of the room and unleash what you want to accomplish for your health and fitness this winter. We need to all stop being scared or fearing what may happen if we don't meet a goal. It is okay if we don't. Just because a goal is not met, it does not mean that we have failed. Look at the T in the SMART goal setting. Adjust the time window of that goal and go reevaluate what needs to be done in order to crush it.

I write this because I want to help you. Yes, I am being very apparent with this blog post. Tough love and clear communication is sometimes what needs to be said in order to help individuals.

If you are thinking to yourself at times, "shoot, I need to workout and make better food choices". That time needs to be right now. Make the effort to workout and create good habits today. I promise you, if you do not today, you will regret it down the road.

The ones who know me well, they know I have fun. A lot of fun for that matter. While exercising and creating healthy habits, you too can do the same.

In the next week, I challenge you to reach out to a friend, family member, even your significant other. Tell one person your goals and objectives for your health and fitness. No more fear of failure in fitness. Have fun with it and keep moving forward.

Crush on'


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