These cookies are made ONCE per week and are made only for the demands that are purchased over a weekly basis. We can guarantee that these cookies will run out. If you want this item shipped to you, you will need to order at the beginning of the week


When checking out, select the drop down menu to purchase the amount you would like. Once you select how many you would like, enter the quantity of that item in the box.


1 = $3

3 = $8 (savings of $1)

6 = $15 (savings of $3)

This delicious homemade POWER COOKIE is great for any person or health goal. Whether you are someone who works at a desk a majority of the day, or you are someone who is very active, this cookie is loaded with ingredients to help you stay energized with healthy food consumption during your day.

Only 5 Main Components
- Oatmeal
- Natural Peanut Butter
- Never Been Stronger Whey Protein Blend
- Honey
- Unsweetened Chocolate Chips

To improve the sweetness level of our POWER COOKIE, we have added in Stevia to the formulation.

Shelf Life and Freezing
These cookies are made on a weekly basis to ensure they are as fresh as possible. The shelf life is to be no longer than 7 days from the date that these POWER COOKIES are made. However, if you order and would like to freeze your cookie, you can expect the freshness level to live up to 14 days after the cookie is made.

Customer Reviews
"The cookies taste great and allow me to satisfy my "sweet tooth" without the guilt! Having NBS Protein as an ingredient just makes it even better! Protein cookies never tasted so good!" - Chris B.

“If you’re looking for a tasty, healthy, protein-filled snack.. look no further! These cookies are delicious! I could eat them everyday!” - Hilary H.

“The POWER COOKIE is amazing! & is a great quick lunch or snack in the middle of a busy day. I usually cut it in 1/2 & make it 2 snacks 4 the day🍪💪🏼...” Chad D.

“So simple, so good. As someone who has a very large appetite, I need a lot of food and calories for my busy days. I am extremely pleased with how filling these cookies are. With only 5 major ingredients, this product is a home-run for anyone who wants quality for their cookie or protein bar.” - Patrick T.

"The thing I love most about the Power Cookie is the convenience. I don't always get the chance to meal prep for the day but, the Power Cookie is an easy substitute to hold me over until my next meal. The ingredients are all high quality and the cookie is very filling." - Matt M.


"These things are amazing, they are made with the all natural, Never Been Stronger protein, oats, honey, very little sugar, chocolate chips, so you get a very good product. I love these things for on-the-go snacks and in-between meals. They definitely keep me filled up." - Easton S.

Homemade Power Cookie

How Many?
  • There are absolutely no refunds on this item unless you receive your product and the ingredients have melted and you feel like the product is no longer edible.

  • When consuming this item, you need to consume this item within 5-8 days of the date that it is made. This cookie is a homemade item that can expire much quicker after it has been combined with other ingredients. If you were to order the cookie and freeze upon arrival, you will be able to consume the cookie up to 14 days after the date of production.

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